The Makocraft X-Series is the brainchild of Tim Stessl, and culmination of many years of consideration and design.

To the uninitiated, these look like a tinnies made from fiberglass – shallow draft, low deadrise, medium height sides, full bowed – and you’d be right,  as this is the starting point for any good tinny. But that’s where the similarities end.

If you look closer, specifically looking at the hull entry, it will reveal a very complex hull shape. The entry is an inverted ‘V’ flowing into a very full bow with a prominent 360-degree reverse chine. Most glass boat designers go straight for a Deep V design from bow to stern, we wanted some of that in the entry, but also wanted a super stable hull. What we ended up with is nothing short of amazing. We got the ride, we got dryness, we got the stability. Testing on day one and we were blown away.

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