Dunbier Trailers

Summit Marine has chosen Dunbier as our preferred trailer supplier.

Dunbier are proudly Australian family owned, operated and their trailers are still made in Australia. With their support network across the country, you can feel safe knowing that they are there with you, wherever you go.

They are Australia’s Leading Boat Trailer Manufacturer.

Why Dunbier?

Purchasing an alloy trailer is an investment in a premium product, that if well cared for will see many years of service.

Dunbier’s range of Alloy Trailers is one of the most advanced available in the market. It easy to simply say that, but we wanted to share with you some of the science behind why you should seriously consider our products before you rush out and make a purchase you may regret.

Dunbier Alloy trailers do not use a single bolt in the main frame that supports your hull, not one – all joints are full seam welded.

Some standard features include:-

  • Unique “Bolt Free” welded alloy frames
  • Custom Waterproof LED Lighting system
  • Concealed internal wiring harness
  • Heavy Duty “Swing up” jockey whees
  • Approved Couplings for security when under tow.
  • Bearing Protectors and High-grade Automotive seals
  • Customised 4 bend axle
  • High Grade Light truck DOT Approved tyres
  • Galvanised U-bolts, nuts and plates throughout.
  • Matched Strap Winches

Here are just a few Trailers that we match with our Makocraft boats and some are included in our Package Deals. We are able to supply any of the Dunbier range – you can find the full range on the Dunbier website.